Inaugural Post

Good evening,

Torrents of different types are impacting our way of life in dramatic ways. In this blog, I want to make brief, but valiant attempts to reorient you, my reader, through various means or methods to manage your life projects with more poise and peace. I do not pretend to have many of the answers. However, I will not shy away from reflection on reputable sources as well as my own failures in a helpful way in this writing journey.

Please understand that though I intend to frame our dialogue in terms of project management, which by definition is finite, I am an avowed adherent to a view of a life eternal with a Divine Savior who has great plans for those He loves. I welcome honest, constructive feedback in the most professional manner and look forward to the possibility of truly being a resource to other PMs, those engaged in PM work on the side, and to anyone else who might benefit from these words.




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