The Mayflower Compact : Charter or Deliverable?

Good evening,

As I prepare for this Thanksgiving week,  I am reminded of the first suggested occurrence in these United States of America. Prior to this time of celebration,  the men among a group of Christ-following pilgrims from Europe gathered upon their ship to discuss,  design,  draft, and sign a document known as the Mayflower Compact.

As a PM, I would suggest that there would need to be an adequate case for a risky exit from Western Europe. Then, these liberty seekers would have made a charter. If I follow the PMI processes, I frame this document as a deliverable resulting from a defined scope of work in the form of a work breakdown structure.

On the contrary, one could contend that this document which created a makeshift code of conduct and governance for those survivors, actually serves as a charter for the work of this Plymouth settlement. Both ideas are plausible.

Now, let us consider our lives today. Are the most pivotal moments in our day or our lives necessarily beginnings or endings in themselves?  It would be very tidy for me as a PM and as a person to hold to those terminal points. However,  any reliance upon these assumptions could jeopardize the very success or progress of your project as we will likely lose sight of the progression of the larger strategic work at hand.

Therefore, as we manage our life and our projects, I wonder if we should consider each milestone as a step in the workings of a greater strategy. Perhaps, then, the Thanksgiving will be more joyous along the path.




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