Scope Creep at the Local Restaurant!

Yesterday,  my family and I went to one of our local restaurants for a “kids eat free” night. I ordered something with specific condiments.  When the food arrived,  I noticed additional toppings on my baked potato. Initially,  when I pointed out the discrepancy in my order versus the food received,  I was reluctant to send it back. However, I kindly asked the server to fix what I received and she obliged. Why blog about this incident? How is it scope creep?

In our customer-driven world,  we are taught to wow our consumer. However,  I would contend that we may exceed our bandwidth either from a cost or resource perspective. In my case, the extra condiments were not exceeding expectations. In project management,  scope creep can be an unwanted situation where a change in desired work product results in extra cost, time, or manpower resources to be expended.

As you make decisions that serve others in life, consider how you are meeting expectations. As we grow in using our God-given resources, I wonder if we will have more success if we ensure that we have:
1) Set a clear understanding of our abilities to serve others.
2) Listen and understand the people to whom we give and serve.
3) Do our best to serve others in the context of those abilities and other available resources.



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