Scope Creep at the Local Restaurant: Part 2 : Who’s the Creep?

Having considered that scope creep is exceeding your triangle of resources, time, money, and people, let us consider who is causing the creep. As in your typical project, there are multiple sources that cause scope to grow. In my story,  the restaurant team and myself were the primary movers in what took place. Would the resulting outcomes necessarily be negative? No. However,  there was inevitably something extra that was required and used.

As stakeholders in our respective spheres of influence,  we should consider what we expect from those things and people around us. We cannot expect a writer to necessarily get a handle on the Higgs-Boson particle or a Mexican chef to whip up a lasagna with ease.

I would suggest the following:
1) Provide space and time for the best to be shown
2) Expect the best from those around
3) Don’t ask people to be who they are not.



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