What is your PMBOK?

Recently, I referenced the PMBOK in a recent post without much explanation. This exhaustive work, the Project Management Book of Knowledge details the principles,  best practices,  and guidelines for the work life of someone in my chosen profession.  Most recently,  the Project Management Institute has moved to the 5th edition after much research and deliberation.  However,  I would be remiss to suggest that some great change is afoot in a typical day for me. Using the wisdom and experience of other more senior PMs and this work, I am accountable to carry out my work in a manner that honors my profession, the PM community,  and those stakeholders that I serve.

As a person,  there is a book that provides a similar but more profound impact on my life and the world around. The Bible,  the Word of God,  is the primary guidebook for me. Its words have never changed though translations have provided greater understanding of known concepts. This Bible tells me from where I came, why I am here, and who I need to be. Most importantly, it speaks of the God of the universe who gave everything for me to come home to him. Though I will not attain to perfection on this side of His home,  I seek to follow those precepts in God’s Word as I draw nearer to His home, my future home.

As you reflect,  please consider these things:
1) Do you have a guide book in your profession? Do you follow those guidelines?
2) Do you know the God of the universe? Do you follow His Word? How can you better follow God today?



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