How Whack-A-Mole Can Improve Your Productivity

Great post on how to think about and prioritize in the land of constantly changing urgencies!

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Whack-A-Mole Have you ever played Whack-A-Mole, the classic arcade game?  You’ve got a padded hammer, and when a mole pops up, you whack it back down. The object of the game is to nail as many moles as you can before they duck back into the hole.

The moles don’t stay up for very long. As the game continues, two moles pop up simultaneously, then perhaps three, and eventually on opposite sides of the grid. In the end game, it gets crazy, because time is running out fast.

Does this remind you of your job? You have to move quickly to respond, sometimes without much real information.  You knock one mole down and two others pop up.  It’s always nuts close to deadlines. The more you do the harder it gets…

And how about that other player—obviously not as good a corporate citizen as you.  While you’re trying to whack as…

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